Vkontakte desktop shortcut. How to create a website shortcut?

  1. How to create a shortcut Vkontakte on the desktop?
  2. Setting the icon for the Vkontakte label
  3. Instead of epilogue

In the last topic of the article we managed to find out how create shortcuts to manage the system , after which we were able to turn off the computer with a shortcut key. At the beginning of that article we explained how to create a shortcut on the desktop, as an example, the simple address of the Internet site was chosen ...

create shortcuts to manage the system

How to create a shortcut Vkontakte on the desktop?

In this article we will not go far from the past topics and will complete later what was said by creating an Internet shortcut for the social network VKontakte.

  1. On the desktop in the free space on the screen, right-click or touchpad if you have a laptop.
  2. In the context menu, we will find the item “Create”, and from it we will select the sub-item “Label”.
  3. After clicking you will have a window for creating a shortcut, as in the figure below. In the line “Specify the location of the object:” we enter the website address or the exact address on your Vkontakte page.
  4. The address can be found in the corresponding line of the browser, or by right-clicking on the desired link, for example, “My friends”, “My page” and from the context menu select the item “Copy link”.
  5. After clicking the button "Next" at the bottom of the window.
  6. The next step will be the introduction of the label name, that is, how it will be displayed on your desktop. We will write “Vkontakte” and at the bottom of the window we will confirm our choice by clicking the “Finish” button.

Setting the icon for the Vkontakte label

Now after you have created a shortcut, it will already be capable, and respond to a double click of the mouse, or the Enter key, opening in your browser, which is the default in the operating system.

In order to assign a specific image to a shortcut, that is, change the standard shortcut icon, a number of simple actions should be done:

  1. Right-click on the created shortcut and select “Properties.
  2. In the window that appears, find the button "Change icon". "
  3. After that, select the image you are looking for from the suggested ones, or find your image in the ICO format (icon format). To do this, at the top of the window there is a "Browse" button.
  4. For my label, I decided to apply the created icon of the official logo of the Vkontakte site in the shape of the letter “B”

Instead of epilogue

If, due to impossibility, you could not change to another icon, then I suggest download the finished file icons and set it for a shortcut. For a created shortcut, you can also apply " Quick call ”Which, of course, will be a convenient moment of our work!

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How to create a shortcut Vkontakte on the desktop?
How to create a shortcut Vkontakte on the desktop?