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Governor Valery Radaev allowed public utilities to raise utility tariffs in Saratov in 2018 well above the limit set by the federal government for the Saratov region. The relevant resolution, which comes into force on July 1, published by on the regional portal of legal information.

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The document makes changes to the resolution of the governor of 2014 “On approval of the marginal (maximum) indices of the amount of utility payments made by citizens on the territory of the Saratov region from July 1, 2014 to 2018”.

In particular, the “bar” of the growth rate for cold water in Saratov was raised from 3.7% immediately to 10.82%, for water disposal - from 3.7% to 7%, for hot water - from 3.3% to 4, 6%.

In addition, the growth rate of housing and utility bills made by Saratov residents has been increased from 3.25% to 3.61%, with an average index across the region of 3.5%.

The document states that in some cases the authorities of the Saratov region have the right to raise for some municipalities the marginal index of growth in utility tariffs above the established federal "bar".

Recall the Russian government has established "Bar" growth in utility tariffs in the Saratov region of 3.5%. In this case, the concessionaire of MUPP "Saratovvodokanal" LLC "Water supply concessions - Saratov" immediately stated that will raise tariffs three times higher than this limit, and the head of Saratov, Mikhail Isaev, added that the current tariffs for water supply in the city do not correspond to reality. At the same time, KVS is already raised tariff for their services at the end of 2017.

This year the regional authorities also set off changes in standards for the consumption of hot and cold water to residents of the region who have not installed individual metering devices.

Officials warned that in the future the issue of introducing a single standard for hot water heating could be raised.

“To avoid a sharp increase in payment for this public service, in 2018 the standard for heating hot water will not change. In the future, the introduction of a single standard for hot water heating will be carried out over several years according to an individual schedule for the districts of the region in order to minimize negative consequences for the population, ”the regional tariff regulation committee noted.

In 2014, Radaev already allowed to raise tariffs in Saratov above the “bar” provided for the region.