How to pass the exam on category A

To pass the exam for category A is currently possible after training in a motorcycle school (driving school) or an external one. When choosing the second option, you need to study the theoretical part yourself and, if necessary, take private lessons from the motorcycle engineer. Their number will depend on the needs of each. It is desirable to conduct training and training on the site where the exam will be held later. By the way, it is allowed to take it in any traffic police of the city, in which the one who wishes to receive permission to drive this type of transport is registered.


Category opening order. The documents required for submission to the traffic police include: a passport of a citizen of the country, a medical certificate (and a copy of it will do), a receipt for payment of the state duty (it must be paid after the examinations are successfully passed) The day of the theory is appointed after the submission of documents. Those who have chosen externs, and who have not opened other categories, will have two weeks of additional training in reserve. If all goes well, there will determine the date of the exam in practice. This will depend on the workload of the inspectors. With a positive result will only return to the traffic police for new rights. This will need to be done a month after the submission of documents. There is to be photographed, present a receipt for payment of state duty and actually get your new document.

There is to be photographed, present a receipt for payment of state duty and actually get your new document


Exam on the theory. Time to shine knowledge of the rules will be twenty minutes. A total of twenty questions are provided, each of which is offered several answers, the task is to choose the right one, and there may not be one. Positive is the result with 18 correct solutions. In case of failure, there is the possibility of a retake in a week.


Practical exam. He passes on a special platform where he has to demonstrate his motorcycle management skills. A stage is considered to have been completed if three of eight exercises have been completed without any complaints. A motorcyclist who has more than five penalty points (points) is recognized as not having passed the practice. After a week, you can try again to pass this exam.

After a week, you can try again to pass this exam


Typical mistakes for which penalty points are awarded. They are divided into coarse, medium and small, equivalent to five, three and one points respectively. For example, when you touch the pad with your foot, hit a marking line, no hand signals are turned, a gross error is counted, the exam ends for the examiner. If during the start the motorcycle stalls, the turn signal will be filed with a delay - three penalty points are guaranteed. Equal to one point: leaving the headlights on after stopping, no signal for braking.

If it was decided to open this category, the main thing is not to worry, to prepare well, and everything will definitely work out.