How does the Council of young specialists "Elpy"

Many came to the company immediately from the student's bench. To help young people gain a foothold in the enterprise, support their scientific initiatives, the Elpe has an internal public organization - the Council of Young Specialists. The activities of the Council are described by its Chairman, Chief Designer of the Scientific-Research Institute “Elpa” JSC Dmitry Shakhvorostov.

Dmitry Shakhvorostov is a talented young scientist and leader. He organized the activities of the Council of Young Specialists, and at the beginning of 2017 he was appointed Chief Designer of the Research and Development Institute Elpa JSC by order of the enterprise.

- Dmitry, in January of this year you were appointed the chief designer of the Elpa Research Institute JSC. What is the reason for this appointment?

- Our company is currently conducting a lot of research and development work in various areas, including through the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Federal Security Service. It turned out that in all these works I took and take direct part.

In a few years as a chief designer, I completed more than a dozen R & D, including with military acceptance. That is, informally, I was already fulfilling the duties that from this year were officially laid on me, I gained some experience.

- We know that you received your first managerial experience in the Council of Young Specialists of the Research and Development Institute “Elpa”, which is headed. Please tell us about the work of the Council.

- When I came to the enterprise, the Council of Young Specialists existed only formally, according to the documents. In reality, he did not work. Gradually, with the active participation of the young specialists themselves and with the support of the leadership, we revived the Council.

It was clear that such a structure is very necessary. Young specialists usually have a lot of questions for the management that they themselves cannot convey, starting with small things, such as creating a bicycle parking near the Elpa building, and ending with serious questions about wages, organizing the work process and so on.

We discuss all the problems and proposals that arise on the Council, then we go out with a petition to the managers. Our wishes are accepted, we contribute.

The main task of the Council is to help the young guys who just came to the production. They recently graduated from college, have never worked, everything is new for them. We help to quickly and painlessly adapt to the working environment, to people, to new processes; determine the direction in which the employee will be interesting to work. First we find out what his soul is for, and then we can recommend a mentor who will accompany him, help develop. Let's just say, the Council’s activity softens the gap between the generations that we have in the enterprise.

  • Many came to the company immediately from the student's bench

    Denis Fateev, engineer, operator of a laser machine, with the help of which, among other things, product marking

  • Alexey Khramtsov, head of the laboratory for the development and production of piezoceramic film elements

  • Alexander Pereplechikov, Lead Engineer, Rotary Operator

  • The sawing installation is the most modern - just the one that is required for micron precision separation of sensitive elements. Its operator, engineer-technologist Pavel Pichugin, works with the installation

  • Technological engineer Maxim Shikov: “I came to the Elpa while still a third-year student at the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology. Stayed. All good. Good team, new equipment, interesting developments. ”

  • Plot measurements. Here is the measurement of all finished products. Engineer Mikhail Titov measures the parameters of the piezoelectric elements

- How often does the Council of young professionals? Have special collection days?

- We are going as needed. After the New Year we hold a scheduled meeting: we approve the Council’s work program for the year in which we celebrate the dates of the next meetings. We plan sports and entertainment events, participation in exhibitions, in scientific conferences and so on.

In May-June, we usually have a so-called “team-building” - with the whole composition we go out into the countryside, we hold contests, contests and brain storms, circles where we discuss ideas and proposals of young specialists. Everyone makes a small report on his field of work - not to report, but to hold a discussion, to get support.

- How do you attract young professionals to the enterprise? Is there any concept of positioning the "Elpa" among young people?

- At “Elpe” there are two basic departments: Tver State University and Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology.

We would like to develop a separate strategy or, as you say, the concept of attraction, in order to make our enterprise interesting for young scientists.

We have a whole system of material incentives for young people - you can earn a decent income on “Elpe”. But in fact, it is important to learn how to attract not only salary. And now there are quite a few people who are willing to work not only for material gain, but also, as they say, “for the idea”, for the sake of science, personal development. This is the most valuable shots. They need only to find, to be able to distinguish from the crowd.

Previously, a separate specialist worked with students. He came to specialized universities, talked about the activities of the organization, then brought students to the company, arranged excursions. Now we are trying to revive this practice.

On the "Elpa" are postgraduate students of the Institute of Electronic Engineering. They carry out campaigning at the institute, acquaint students with the specifics of our enterprise, interest them so that they come to us to practice.

I myself once also came to the "Elpa" - immediately after the diploma defense at the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology - and stayed. The specifics of my work here did not correspond a bit to what I was taught at the institute. There they were mainly studying microcircuits - everything was connected with silicon. And here - piezo ceramics. It was necessary to study again, to master a specialty already in the workplace. But I had good mentors. Then I entered graduate school, and the topic of my dissertation was already connected with the specifics of our company.

So it is with those young guys who come to us today. They master the specialty, come up with their own scientific initiatives, many then defend their candidates, develop to promising young scientists, rationalizers, production workers.

In the JSC "Research Institute" Elpa "developed a system of material incentives and support for young people. A fund has been created to help young professionals, from which monthly salary increments are allocated. The size of the allowance depends on how the young specialist manifests himself. During the first 3 years of work of a young specialist at the enterprise, an attestation commission is held annually, at which a decision may be made to increase the allowance or to increase the position. There are also various one-time payments for writing articles, for patents, and so on.

What is the reason for this appointment?
Have special collection days?
How do you attract young professionals to the enterprise?
Is there any concept of positioning the "Elpa" among young people?